Independent Fundamental and Interdisciplinary Scientific Research

IFISR aims to generate knowledge independent from any institution, practical concerns, fund/grant restrictions, and  accustomed methods in the fundamental science domain. Not to be envisaged as an alternative to universities and institutions, it has a potential to create unique, unprecedented, and of quality scientific research outputs. This potential may advance the frontiers of the modern science further. 



Enhancing point source detection in astronomical images


The main focus in this IFISR-Astro-231020-PSD coded program is the creation of a robust toolbox to disentangle stellar signals from noise and background in astronomical images (and also from derived lightcurve products) of telescopes. 


This project utilizes statistical and digital image analysis techniques, available data and literature to improve Point Source Detection in James-Webb Space Telescope Mid-InfraRed Instrument images. 

Related publications/conferences:

[2401.15779] Value Sliced and Derivative Images for Source Mask in JWST MIRI Photometry ( 

In this arxiv preprint, seven real JWST MIRI F770W images were examined with unWISE catalog sources located on them. Eliminating pixel digital numbers (intensities) below a certain percentage, i.e. retaining top 0.3 % of values, and derivative images were utilized to source mask more unWISE catalog objects without resulting in erroneous detections. A combination of value sliced fraction images and derivative image method looks quite promising.

2023 October Conference Beyond_BookofAbstract Page 31/42 for Güray Hatipoğlu abstract ( 

In this conference presentation, the results of applying Singular Spectrum Analysis to the simulated image of 100 celestial signals in varying shapes and luminosities with various added noises were explained. Later, several application of this method to real JWST MIRI F770W results were also presented, with slightly better capture of cataloged objects compared to the standard Photutils PSF Photometry with default values.


October 27, 2023

-Güray Hatipoğlu from IFISR gave a presentation on denoising methods currently being developed by IFISR n James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Middle Infrared Instrument (MIRI) sensor in BEYOND2023. Preprints and follow-up reports of the relevant works are in preparation.

May 25, 2023

-Güray Hatipoğlu from IFISR is in Ariel Data Challenge 2023 with the nickname "torna4o".