Independent Fundamental and Interdisciplinary Scientific Research


IFISR conducts research independent from the reporting constraints of projects, time/resource constraints of universities and governments, and practical constraints of the private sector.  IFISR 

1- utilizes and supports free and open-source materials, articles, content, software codes, software, and information; 

2- aims to generate scientific knowledge and distribute it without discrimination, accessibility, career, and network constraints;

3- aims to enhance researchers, regardless of their affiliations.


IFISR aspires to be a major player in scientific knowledge generation, creating novel tools for data analysis, aiding in the progress of researchers' and researcher candidate's careers, and publishing university-level free and accessible scientific reference materials.  It will significantly increase the efficiency of scientific research and researchers' work in general.

History - Milestones


Güray Hatipoğlu (founder)

METU, Chemistry, 2016, B.Sc. (Honors)

Masaryk University, RECETOX, Summer

METU, Earth System Science, 2018, M.Sc.

METU, Earth System Science, 2018-2022, Ph.D. (terminated) 

KW: chemistry, modeling, statistics, astrophysics

He was involved in field works, laboratory, modeling studies, surveying, data analysis, and reporting. He has experience in university, governmental, and private sectors.

Consultant Pool